TTP: Trying To Please

Baby I don’t wish for a fight,
All I ask is for one more dance,

Crying when I hear fear killed you,
Nation scared of trans individuals,
Ignorance focused on the operation,

Young people kicked out on the street,
Home not a safe place to be,
Physical attributes don’t match eternal sunshine,

Not accepted for who you are,
Old White men enforcing a bathroom code,

Trying to mold us, corner us,

If you are black,
Gotta’ act ghetto,
If you are white,
Gotta’ be blue collar,
If you are Hispanic,
Gotta’ wear colors,
If you are a man,
Gotta’ fantasize,
If you are a woman,
Gotta’ be submissive,

Wanna’ know what I say?

If you got curves and ain’t shy,
Flaunt it,
If you smoke weed and are a botanist,
Grow it,


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