Don’t call it suicide when it is a modern day genocide against females,
Iraq used to be the highest among literacy now it is the lowest,
Pakistan recorded 1000 honor killings of women and girls last year,
90 percent of Pakistani women experience domestic violence,

Women make up 39 percent of all HIV infections in India,
70 percent of Indian women beaten by partners,

Every 3 minutes a crime against a woman occurs,
Every 9 minutes a crime of cruelty by a husband goes unsolved,
Every 29 minutes a woman is raped,

50 million girls killed the past century,
100 million women and girls victim of human trafficking,

We stopped caring about humanity…

95 percent of girls between the ages of 4 to 11 face genital mutilation in Somalia,
92.5 percent of parliament seats held by men,
9 percent of women give birth in a health facility,

Forgetting about the 219 out of 246 girls abducted by Boko Haram,
Not enough Americans dying for America to put on Superman’s cape,

1,100 Congolese women raped every day,
Since 1996, only 200,000 rapes reported,
57 percent of pregnant women anaemic,

Songs on the radio teach young girls how to twerk,
Around the world women suffering,
More than half of all brides in Afghanistan under 16,
One women dies in childbirth every half hour,

During the Bosnia and Herzegovina war between 1992-1995,
20 to 50 thousand women raped,
During the Rwandan genocide,
Estimated 250 to 500 thousand women and girls violently raped,

No country is exempt from evil

46 percent of women between the ages of 20 to 24 in South Asia,
Married before the age of 18,
40 percent of women in Europe experience sexual assault,
1 in 10 women stalked by a previous partner,
31 percent of women who report being raped by a partner,
Repeatedly raped 6 times or more,
1 in 10 women experience sexual violence before they turn 15,

83 percent of girls between the ages of 12 to 16 assaulted in the Americas,
Every 15 minutes a woman raped in Sao Paulo, Brazil,
Number of cases where women have been disfigured quadruped in Columbia,

This world is on fire,
It doesn’t care about mothers, daughters, or sisters,


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