Afraid of Controversy (Life)

Journalists, Dead Presidents, Forgotten Poets,
Afraid of sounding controversial,

Critiquing President elect Trump for saying he grabs pussy,
Half of all hip hop and rap videos promote owning women,
95 percent of Johns (are white) call Back-page Escorts,
Funding the Pornography industry billions promoting rape,

Police trying to save working women by arresting professionals,
How does charging a misdemeanor and/or felony for prostitution,
Help sex workers acquire wealth in the future without stripping,

Slavery never ended when wealthy own homes the size of 10 acres,
Can’t plow so they hire slave labor,
Cheap hands imported from Mexico or black ex-convicts,
25 cent wage behind bars,
Denied voting rights while whites commit genocide,

Pseudo liberals pretending they aren’t racist,
Klu Klux Klan used to be Democratic Dixies,
Before Hitler declared war we were allies,
Contributed towards the creation of the Third Reich,

Nice pair of kicks on a woman,
She buys Jordans over Nike,
Works nights and receive tips,
Kick it with Bonnie over Barbie,
Ken screaming All Lives Matter,

Entertainment industry obsessed with a tight waist,
Promoting weaves and bleach,
Why would you fuck Miley?
Gold and the Ivory Coast are full figured and dark-skinned,
Complexion matching Tashenamani,

Society teaching boys the wrong type of masculinity,
Reenacting scenes from adult movies,
Teaching boys how to love a queen,

Laying rose petals at the door,
Warm bubble bath prepared,
Letting her tie you up,
Kissing on her neck,
Going down on her,

Journalists, Dead Presidents, Forgotten Poets,
Afraid of sounding controversial,


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