Would He Sex Other Women

First thing first, I’m sorry for all the lies I told,
When I walk, I count every side-walk crack,
Trying not to fall between heaven and hell,
Diagnosed with PTSD and wishing death,
Organizing dress shirts from bright to black,
Spices placed above the oven,
Cereal and chips above the fridge,
Every book on the floor categorized by topic,

Can’t sleep unless the window is cracked,
Afraid male father figures will rise from the dead,
Need an exit route in case he tries to touch,
Have you ever watched a wedding caravan implode?
Hiding from Al Shabaab while they murder unarmed civilians,
Witnessed your mother inhale coke so she doesn’t remember,
Helps her forget the feel of his hands around her neck,
Sitting bedside praying Momma will rise from the dead,

Adopted father called the government stating a terrorist was flying,
Have you ever been force-fed a ham sandwich,
Bald headed TSA asking if you knew how to build a bomb,
Replied back if his sister would rate you a 10 out of 10,
Watched as adopted parents kick the shit out of their children,
Masking pain with drugs and lying to their children’s therapists,

Ever been to Yemen and headed nowhere fast?
Caught between a civil war and American drones,
Asked to spy for your government,
If you refuse Al Qaeda would be informed of your whereabouts,
Witnessed the War on Drugs and cops gunning down brothers,
Can’t stand elevators and prefer booths,
Watch the door in case a sexual assault walks in,
Seen enough dead bodies to open up a cemetery,

Friends became family when blood stabbed each other in the back,
Can’t stand male figures because I never had a father figure,
Majority of friends women because Momma never beat me,

You ask if he cheats,
If he would fuck other women…


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