Letter To A Black Woman

Cleopatra like queens dressed in silk,
Not afraid to fight on the front lines,
Meant to be compatible with one another,
Build each other up not tear one another down,
Break shackles and find beauty in the mirror,

History books ignore you guided slave masters,
Feeling hatred starting to love,
White wives jealous of your perfect figure,
Entertainment industry built upon your figure,
Never before seen the African, Arab, or Asian physique,
Not an animal instead the most beautiful creation,
Scars remain today from past whips and chains,
Perfectly imperfect causing struggle to beautify,

Darker the skin the more beautiful the complexion,
Realize this isn’t flattery instead factual,
Your home not meant to be a battlefield,
Nor should any hand produce a bruise on your skin,
HE who invented your intellect hand curved your soul,
Smiled at your interior and matched it with an exterior,
Natural curls, roots, and when you bite your bottom lip,

We must empower each other to climb mountains,
Not be at the end of an assault and battery,
Chemistry met to quiet a man’s ego,
When we are together our bodies produce music,
Each grind and hip sway combats toxicity,
When bodies touch peace develops and heals scars,


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