Money Produces ‘Fools’

Fame and fortune,
Platitudes and beatitudes disappear,
Witness under his or her job description,
Paid [Minority] Republican,

Two faced genetics sprout,
Teaching children modesty,
Mothers posing,
Posting naked selfies,

Counter-productive image of revolution,
Snap-chatting experiences at a Jewish Country Club,
Return to the mosque,
Palestinians savagely murdered,

Where did you get the money from to open multiple businesses?
No education and bad reputation,
Kissing the Klu Klux Klan,
Working for Uncle Sam,

Muhammad Ali, Oprah, and Jordan are tokens,
Africans, Black folk, and Immigrants,
1 percent of college athletes go Pro,
99 percent of rappers sell bootleg CD’s,

Sold your soul to the White Devil Music Exec,
Signed to a record deal exchanging crumbs,
Teaching young women twerking is an employment skill,

Money put in front of us,
Imagining what could be,,


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