Al Shabab, U.S Politicians , and Pigs Requesting 69 Virgins

Politicians trying to portray themselves as saviors,
Speaking in tongues; reminding us of Jesus and his second coming,
Man needing a machine to breathe,
Doesn’t scare citizens of a ghetto,
Preparing obituaries for breakfast,
Al Shabab taunts; scared of their own shadow,
Oh no that ain’t a shadow it is a U.S Drone,

Methodology when declaring a state of emergency,
Sitting table side listening to style and grace,
Asked about education and producing an achievement gap,
Busy hanging black folks via. lack of resources,
Blaming the victim; game plan against sexual assault victims,
Can’t believe the world produced another Hitler’s Third Reich,
Far right fantasy and pseudo-liberals giving each other falacio,
Worried about housing values; sending Jimmy to private school,

Mujahideen believe 69 virgins waiting for them in paradise,
Catholic church forcing kids to kneel in confessionals,
Pigs exchanging quid pro quo; free head and you won’t go to jail,
Kidnapping Nigerian girls; Boko went loco,
Jefferson kept one in his presidential desk,

Meant no disrespect; snakes in the grass lie,
Mujahideen, Al Shabab, Al Qaida,
Pigs hired; LAPD and NYPD,
U.S politicians,
Largest gang in the U.S,
Calling overseas,
Asking the Shia if they can exchange wives,


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