Black Panther National Anthem

All Lives Matter,
Are you Arabic?
Your pretty for a Black girl,
Is the stereotype about African men true,
I carry hot-sauce in my purse,
Those Muslims with a dot on their foreheads,
Where are you from? No, I mean where are you ‘really’ from?
America is the land of the free,
Plus size women can’t be models,
Is she a ’10’,
Can she give ‘good’ head,
Well, she dressed like a hoe,
She asked for it,

Where do I get my ideas from,
Sitting street side watching Shakespeare dance,

Purify the White race,
Interracial marriage, what,
Marry somebody of the same tribe,
We don’t practice old traditions,
Niiko Youtube videos,
Confederate flag isn’t racist,
National Anthem symbolizes unity,
Who is Uncle Sam,

I am an Educated Fool,
Witness tragedy or blind to see,

Do you bleach?
Father yells at his son, stop being a ‘pussy’,
Being a man is about being masculine,
Oh, look, that nation needs our help,
Freedom is coming,
Democracy for everyone,
Strippers can quit dancing whenever they want, it’s easy,
Stop being lazy, get a job,
Been depressed for two days,
Life isn’t fair,
Get over it,

You call this humanity?


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