I’m Sorry (Every 16 Seconds Someone Commits Suicide)

When it is too late,
Going out of my mind,
Had so much to say,
Took the easy way out,

Depressed as fuck and drugs can’t help,
Wanted to go out like Robin Williams,
Hiding behind comic relief,
Tried of living a lie,

Reading stories of soldiers,
Can’t bear the pain,
Doctor performing surgery on lost souls,

Make sure you tell my family, I’m sorry,
It is too late, I’m sorry,
I can’t stay, I’m sorry,
Too much pain, I’m sorry,

Used a leather belt on the stairway railing,
Started to flail and the railway faltered,

Part of me feels bad for you,
Wishing you are in God’s place,
All I need is five minutes,

Survived the latest attempt,
Wrote a note and wished no one read it,
Called me a coward because I am not like you,

Grabbed my father’s Glock,
Pretending to smile and laugh like you,
By now the ink is running out,
If you are reading this it is too late,

Greatest weakness can’t see a future,
Humanities fault depending on psychedelics,
Wasn’t interested in listening,
After reading I’m Sorry,
Everything changed,


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