When Twerk Sensations Replace Kathleen Neal Cleaver

We have unthankful sons and daughters,
Generation X committing feminist atrocities,
Men and women twisting ‘freedom’,

Cat calling and strip teasing,
Busy learning how to twerk,
Instead of inspiring to be the next Angela Davis,
Boys learning disgraceful lessons from porn,
Not asking who and why Malcolm X was shot,

BackPage ad posted,
95 percent of transactions for sex,
White men asking if she is fetish friendly,
Mothers refuse to denounce,
Girls replacing modesty with Kardashian tutorials,

Men thinking with genitals,
Busy trying to get in the pants of the nearest 10,
Speaking in vain,
Degrading the mother of future leaders,
Measuring waist and chest size,

We have too many unthankful sons and daughters,
Generation X committing feminist atrocities,
Men and women twisting ‘freedom’,

Spending several years under Uncle Sam,
Young girls taking off head coverings,
Persuaded to assimilate,
Trying to fit in by rocking heels and hip swaying.
Forgetting Rosa Parks didn’t need to open her blouse,

I admit living in 2016 is terrifying,
Men treat you like shit and 1 out of every 6 women are raped,
Capitalism has White women standing higher on the ladder,
Hollywood portraying minority women as constantly opening legs,
Men constantly harassing after she says ‘leave me alone’,

Sad day when role modals are Amber Rose and Kylie Jenner,
Young women and men chasing pleasure,
Can’t name a single female revolutionary,

Tawakul Karman,
Corazon Aquino,
Vilma Lucila Espín,
Janet Jagan,
Celia Sanchez,
Kathleen Neal Cleaver,
Petra Herrera,

Not a single one of them had to twerk, strip, or wear a short skirt,
Wishing future daughters keep a Glock under their pillow,
Read nightly from a bookshelf full of revolutionary soldiers,


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