Paradise For The Revolutionary

As I lay myself down to sleep, I pray my soul to keep,
If I do not wake, I pray my soul is granted peace,

Visits from Langston,
Strategy with Malcolm,
Singing a duet with Sam,
Debating resistance with King
Relocation with Garvey,
Consciousness with Biko,
Militancy with Mandela,
History with Pac,
Etiquette with Cleaver,
Pupil of Huey Newton,
Riding the bus with Rosa,

Speaking out against the Vietnam War,
Ignorance is bliss when one forgets Reagan,
Japanese held in concentration camps,
Oil pipes destroying sacred burial sites,
144 Minnesotans killed by police,
Millions of African-Americans incarcerated,
[More] people in chains than when slavery began,

If the ‘poor’ caucasian doesn’t wake,
Deals struck between the rich and indentured,
Better to be white and poor than side with slaves,


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