Hunger Strike

Dear Friends, Family, Loved Ones, and the U.S Government

For far too long this country has prided itself on being immigrant friendly yet the truth cannot be furthest from reality. The United States of America would not exist if it had not been for the forced labor (i.e. slavery) of Africans and many other immigrants spanning from all around the globe.

Sadly, it is 2016 and we have yet to realize that a large portion of the United States belongs to Mexico and/or Native Americans. So when we hear someone being told ‘go back home’ or ‘this isn’t your country’; rather, the land known as the United States has a stronger connection to Mexicans and the Indigenous than it does to ‘White Americans’.

After countless genocides of the indigenous, Mexicans, and Africans; we have not learned from our past mistakes nor history. Our immigration policies and procedures are a joke and as such should be labelled as fraudulent to say the least, and if possible treason.

Fathers, mothers, and siblings cross borders in hopes of work so they are able to provide for family back home; while White European descent individuals, often White males, the same complexion as myself reap [the] benefits of society.

Today marks the first day of a long battle that I wish brings attention to a devastating problem that encompasses all this nation reflects. Countless unrealistic economic policies, screenings, and tests that we are told are conducted for the safety of American citizens.

The U.S government speaks of immigrants not relying on the system fearing an increase of homelessness, jobless citizens, and crime. All of these points are lies. We must as a nation understand that the only reason why this country exists is because of the countless mass genocides and theft of land by Europeans.

The U.S government cannot restrict nor do they have the right to approve or deny any individual’s attempt to enter this [or any] land which is a gift for all of mankind. September 9th, 2016; which is a day for all to remember and to join in so that other nations can see that the restriction of travel is a human rights violation.


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