Pigs Commit Terrorism Yet Blame The Oppressed

Terroristic remarks, BLM causes sparks,
‘Slay the pigs, and may dirty badges hang,’
Call it slang and arrest me for attempted suicide,

If I was Black, more than likely the NYPD and LAPD,
Would beat me to death in the back of a Cadillac,
Find a place with no cameras and perfect angles,

Praying to God and His angels,
Asking the Lord to make it quick,
Instead of 9 shots in the back,

Not all officers are racist crackers born from incest,
African-Americans, Asians, and Mexicans in uniform,
Ancestors hanged, told you are going to be fed and clothed,
Police the remaining slaves and keep them in check,

Not long ago when Confederates assassinated,
Mexicans sleeping at mid-day similar to Muslims after Dhuhr,
Murdered them in cold blood while they slept,

White officers shouldn’t make up an entire department,
Over 50 percent of the community is of African descent,
Mexican brothers and sisters shouldn’t be on trial,

Judged by Presidents,
Judged by Slave Masters,
Judged by Wives,


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