Why I Didn’t Marry A White Woman

I am asked, is she white, or does she fly?
I replied, it was her East Asian fragrance that seduced me,

Past mistakes,
Failure after failure,
When she arrived,
I succeeded,

‘Why her, what made her special’…

Asking a farmer why he or she prefers organic,
Why Monarch butterflies are one of the most overlooked creations,
She was the execution of The Raven,
Everything that was dark fled at the sound of her footsteps,

‘You are speaking in riddles’…

Why does it have to be physical,
Why can’t it be spiritual,
When others are buying materials,

She is maternal,
She doesn’t have bleached skin,

Black skin,
Asian culture,

‘You are refusing my question,
I am not talking about religion’…

Who said Tribes and Nations must be continuously at War?
Rather my Lord instructed to learn from one another,
Marry within God-fearing families,

Doesn’t fitna come in seductive packages?
Zina wouldn’t be zina if we didn’t want or like it?

Wife of the king tried to seduce Joseph,
Replied jail is sweeter,
Onlookers said if the front of his shirt is ripped he is guilty,
If the back of his shirt is ripped he is innocent,

In what fashion do we accept prison,
When faced with beauty?

Daughter of two Indonesians,
Home Surabaya,
Javanese mother tongue,
Long black hair,

Eyes of Khadija (ra),
Words taught by Aisha (ra),
Father a descendant of Abu Bakr (ra),
Portrays Fatima (ra),
Daughter of Saffiyah (ra),

If I had to pick between a disbeliever or a daughter from the أمهات المؤمنين,
Between an individual heading to Hellfire,
Someone who loves all Prophets (peace be upon them all),

Using Ali Talib’s (ra) sword,
Uthman Bin Affan’s (ra) sincerity,
Umar’s (ra) strength,

No amount of beauty or money from Shaitan will trap me,
My wife protects me and my Lord and His Angels surround me,

‘I am gonna’ ask one more time,
What makes your wife special’…

She only sleeps at night,
If I fall asleep and don’t have nightmares,
She protects me from Jinn and bad dreams,
When she laughs she snorts,
When I bite her softly,
It tickles her fancy,

When she is angry,
She turns into a cute Umpa Lumpa from Willy Wonka,
When she is silent, I hear her talking,

All her imperfections,
No one can duplicate her spirit,
When we are living together in Paradise…


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