Roots: Loving Yourself Unconditionally

Since birth not WHITE enough,
Hollywood teaching the BLEACH game,
Reminded the only way out buying Jordans,

During the 60’s eighty percent of Black families owned businesses,
2016 the only business the media portrays are Bloods and Cripps,

Hard to love yourself,
After being taught Kardashians bought lips and ass,
Imagine a young girl looking in the mirror,
Freckled cheeks,
Angela Davis Afro and Knowledge,

When somebody drops knowledge; everybody hides,
Idiot plays trap music; everyone grinds to the beat,
We all have been trapped since birth,

Mother brought you into this world,
In order to wear THE crown,
Educate foreigners on Black power,
Not to shoot each other,

Love your ROOTS both in the ground and along your scalp,
Don’t blemish the color of your skin because White execs,

Flaunt history and THE PAIN that comes with it,
Beauty is struggle; struggle is beauty,


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