Traveler Lays Himself Down To Sleep

As men of solitude, fortitude, and gratitude are martyred,
Not willingly,

An act of genocide,
An act of aggression,

Pronounced as insanity from an already aggravated reality,
Who would dare to plead sanity,

Death by assassination,
Stemming from multiple dreams,
False scenery,
Daughters succumb to waist sizes and tan lines,
Centuries ago it was a busty figure,

If not for chemical rain,
Lost humility,
Fertility would be beautiful,
Sons would have fathers,
Not empty memories,

Foretold lineage,
Spawning from kings and queens,
Majestic and courageous,
Ferocious yet wise,
Arms stretching coast to coast,
Military battalions breathed compassion,

Present day,
Hard-work whether it produces wealth or not,
Living modestly,
Faith the size of a mustard seed,

Religion does not propel someone,
Nor produce humanitarians,

An urdu speaking man,
Can always deny another urdu speaking man,

It is through wisdom,
Produced after deliberation,
Ending with action,

Before the traveler,
Lays himself down to sleep,


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