Letter To ISIL (a.k.a. Khawarij) & Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Birds try to fly yet fall,
Speaking openly without hesitation,
Speaking publicly as a civil servant,
Affecting politics and government decisions,

Where civil servants belong,
Greedy politicians reside,
Green birds flustered,

Participating in daily Burdah recitals,
Counting with a Misbaha too,
Wishing the Free Syrian Army succeeds,
Hoping children inspire to be,

Nelson Mandela labeled a terrorist until 2008,
It was the CIA who gave away his location,
Never envisioned he would become president,
Can’t comprehend a revolutionaries heart,
Malcolm returning from Hajj,
Man transformed,

Facing countless struggles,
Uneducated folks scared of Islam,
Ignorant of peaceful cultures,
Brought by immigrants and/or refugees,

Car windows smashed,
Masjids (mosques) vandalized,
Mothers, daughters, and sisters afraid to walk home at night,
Individuals diagnosed with chronic illnesses needing herbal medicine,
White women paid 80 cents to an employed White male’s dollar,
Minority sisters having to compete with Modern Jim Crow,
Police brutality at all time high,

Messaging and commenting I am compromising my religion,
Ironic to say while you are massacring Muslims on a daily basis,
Burning people alive, killing the innocent, torturing people, and disfiguring the dead,
Refusing to consider Yazidis as People of the Scripture,
Denying women rights, forcing people to convert,

Destroying the graves and shrines of Prophets and Companions,
Harming Christians and/or any “People of the Scripture”,
Killing emissaries, ambassadors, and diplomats,
Loyalty to one’s nation permissible in Islam,
Forbidden in Islam to declare a Caliphate without consensus from all Muslims,

You are cowards hiding behind the virtues and beauty of Islam,
Trying to hijack what has already been established,
I am not scared to speak up against Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim al-Badri,
a.k.a Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,

The worst of false caliphs,
Symbol of genocide, torture, and terror,
Without doubt all allegiances sworn,
Are not worth one shahada from a pious Muslim in the West,

Fear is not what I hold,
What I feel is pity for you and all your followers,
I am proud to be Muslim as well as American,
Wasn’t given a choice of where to be born,

Defending all of humanity,
As well as protecting my country,
To create a safe and prosperous nation from within,
Muslims living in America must not only be heard but must be active,
We have to participate in the process of rehabilitation,
If this mean you put me on your ‘Hitlist’,
I am not afraid nor will I back down,

For a revolutionaries life is not judged by the years lived,
Rather it is critiqued by how many seeds he or she plants,
How many children walk in the footsteps of true heroes,
Inspiration no matter the passport,

So I dare you,
Come and get me,
This is my country,
My home,


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