Hot Sauce, Fore-play, and Clinton

Hot Sauce, Fore-play, and Clinton

How does hot sauce ordain Whites as ‘honorary Blacks’,
Hillary Clinton​, the only thing that connects you with Black folks,
Are cotton farms and your lack of empathy,

Politics mixed with prostitution,
Bill wasn’t the only one receiving oral,
Sexual assaults victim ‘must be believed’,


Oval Office seems to be the real Playboy Mansion,
Examine a day in the life of a politician,
Miss Hilary, no apologies but you are the best example,

Every rally starts with fore-play,
Light definitions and key words,

Campaign speeches are perfect strip clubs,
Wall Street tosses dollar bills and Hillary collects,
President Bill Clinton​ the perfect bouncer after he sexual assaults all the dancers,

By the age of adulthood everything changes,
Learned politics was rape played out as a Shakespearean play,
Politicians faking orgasms hoping for American citizens to believe in ‘climaxes’,


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