Mr. Trump Please Read My Sarcastic Letter

Served an eviction notice by disparity,
Hardly mystical rather a reality for revolutionaries,
Forced to wear camouflage when all a brother wants is to take a nap after noon prayer,
After buying lunch brush our teeth with miswak,

Lady liberty asked the man holding up the sky,
Would it burden you if women became vixens after the death of Hip Hop MC’s,
Does the threat of Edgar Hoover cross dressing,
Claims of infiltration seem ill after his wife claimed he was the one penetrated,

What does any of this have to do with semantics?
Logical when cars are stopped at checkpoints,
Scared of illegals crossing the border,
Arresting individuals illegally,

Norwegians, Germans, and Europeans claim ‘American’,
Agent Orange speaks highly of his immigrant approved Klu Klux Klan Father,
If every child received a small loan of 1 million dollars,
Would we all have bad comb-overs?

Just as a poet seeks a freak behind curtains,
Majority of Whites act out 50 Shades of Gray,
Saartjie “Sarah” Baartman placed in chains by Europeans,
Everything the opposite of ‘angelic’ on high alert,


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