Can The Stars & Stripes Resurrect The Dead

No flag is big enough to cover-up shame,
Its like asking if Hitler was alive to apologize,
Would it bring 6 Million Jews back from the dead,

Can the American flag resurrect 100 million native people,
2 million African slaves,
1.5 million Muslims as a result of 9/11,
Sikhs mistaken as Muslims,

Can the Stars and Strips resurrect 220,000 Afghans,
80,000 Pakistanis,
2 million Iraqi civilians died due to the West’s sanctions,
Half of them Children,
Yemeni and Somali drone casualties,

Am I Bias,
Statistics don’t lie,

Can the Stars and Stripes bring life back to the dead,
50,000 Chileans tortured,
80,000 imprisoned,

How about the Falklands War,
Does the Emancipation Proclamation resurrect lives lost,
35,000 innocent civilians perished in Sri Lanka,
1 million displaced,
Coastlines handed over to hotels and Rockefeller’s,

War on Terror introduced the privatization of war,
Pentagon spent 137 billion per year on Expert torture methods,
Do you really believe the global free market triumphed democratically,


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