Every Empire Falls Including Western Imperialism

Policemen and Solders tools of the Establishment,
Weapons of Mass Destruction wrecking havoc,
Protectors of the Racists,

Every revolutionaries childhood memory,
Learning of the Holocaust through Texas publications,
White Europeans ignoring Leopold II of Belgium,
Murdered 10 Million Africans compared to Hitler’s 6 Million Jews,

I’m not a Mathematician,
Logistics proves the Holocaust doesn’t belong to the Jews,

Media and Politics play Russian Roulette,
Turning the most gentle creature into a habitual liar,

Children turned into dispensaries,
Disaster strikes religion blamed,
Therapists forgotten,
Minnesota doctor killed Simba,

White Europeans arrived,
Mayflower landed along the coast,
Desecration of the Onkwehonwe,

America’s Militarization, Continued Colonization,
Exploitation of Oil, and Sexploitation of African Sisters,


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