Chess Game Against Autism

Called madness but insanity uttered it sincerely,
Treating enemies more beloved than companions,
Love one’s neighbor without conditions,

Motto spoken from an orphan child’s elderly heart,
Pronounced uneducated by an uneducated lawyer,
Imagine a custodian cleaning university halls,
Witness to habitual lazy creatures with no sense of humanity,
Cleaning remanence left behind from bastard children clans,

Very few stop to examine, to learn, to investigate,
As children with autism and IQ’s over 170,
Play tic-tac-toe with salt shakers and packets of sugar,

Drawing lines across passing business men Madden’s,
Calculating 6 tiles horizontally multiplied by 25 vertically,
Equal to that of a 8 ft and 3 inch shadow giant chasing schizophrenia,
Not many correlate a no touch policy with a child guitarist in New York City Subway Stations,
Waiting until high heels seize to click so that dinner can be excavated from 24 Hour diner dispersals…


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