Normal Friday For A Muslim

Have you ever bought two instead of one,
Not realizing you didn’t need one to begin with,
Instead realizing two was perfect,

Whether man or woman,
Every fixture has imperfection,
Commonly mistaken as perfection,
Every angel recorded from a specific angle,
World Star Hip Hop prefers barely legal,

In ‘woman’,
We find ‘man’,
Movies portray men in women,
Without ‘woman’,
Man does not exist,

Which is why,
This intelligent human being,
Earning minimum wage,
After blood, sweat, and tears,
Carries humanity inside of her womb,

Habitual actions tried to persuade spiritual needs,
Fingers counting 99 alhamdulillah’s (praise be to God),
What would Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) do?
Glancing at the employee’s name-tag,

Not comically,
Maybe reluctantly,
After buying two Mountain Dew pitch black flavors,
Would you like one?


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