How Bill & Hillary Caused Mass Incarceration of African Americans

Athletes worried about concussions,
African-Americans fear an officer stepping out of his car,
Call it whatever you want,
An extreme support,
Oprah, Will Smith, and Stephen Curry,
Don’t have to worry about a racist officer shooting them 9 times in the back,
They have money, power, and respect,

Know how the world works,
Those poor folks,
Uneducated nobodies,
Names and faces no one will miss,
Target practice everyday,

Understand my color,
Privilege follows,
Whether asked for or placed in front of me,
But that same privilege doesn’t define me,
Rather imperfection reflected as my resurrection,
Call me a sexist anti-sexist,

Living in a world in which creation construed men as Pharaohs,
An era of reconstruction deemed a socialist’s wet dream,
Dream team or not,
Reality pursues multiple doctorate degrees,
Every time a cop car rolls around a corner,
Muscles tense up,
Blood producing an adrenaline rush,

America, the land of Bill Clinton receiving oral,
Escaping impeachment,
Signing into law record highs of incarceration,
Bill confused the oval office with that of a 4 by 4 cell,
Needed a kick,
Ask one of the fathers you put in prison,
Blow one or two…


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