Changing The World With Spoken Word (R.I.P)

To change the world does not take numbers,
It doesn’t need statistics or pessimists,

Highly hated by those hoping for a continued flat map,
Without bright stars at night returning a smile,
Lighting the sidewalk so I find my way home,

I wouldn’t have recognized,
Just as sidewalk cracks hold ant homes,
Soldiers carrying not guns but preservation of one another,

If one of them dies,
All of them attack in recognition of humanity,

Not sympathy nor empathy,
Responsibility and community,

It took 18 countries,
Multiple continents, fathers and numerous mothers,

One word from truth-slayers,
Become realistic folk-lore dragon-slayers,

We don’t live within the confines of irresponsibility,
Actions tempted by eradication,
Deliver a ratified constitution,

Understand if one’s mind contemplates,
It only takes one word from one man or woman,

To change the world…


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