Make America Racist Again

Society portrays America as if it started out European,
Hollywood, News Outlets, and Reality TV Shows prefer bleach over dark skin,
To be Native means savage but to be an immigrant makes you American,

This isn’t a joke…

Terrorists abandoned ship,
Performed Shakespearean plays of Genocide upon chiefs and children,
Didn’t hesitate to look back,

Miraculous how fables became truths,
How folklore became government sponsored history books,

White skin wasn’t indigenous,
Those so-called Savages were dark-skinned,
Some of them ancestry from Mother Africa,
Queen Elizabeth, King Henry, and White America hated the sound of being called ‘immigrants’,

This isn’t a joke…

Have you looked out of your living room window?
Can you explain the difference between oak frames and cold metal bars?
Are you able to walk out of your front door without worrying if death greets?
I don’t even know if Uncle Sam sleeps?

24 hour surveillance,
Highest murder rate categorized by race,
Native savages first,
African-Americans second,

Every century needed a scape-goat,
Oprah, Muhammad Ali, wealthy Black entertainers,
Used as examples of how America isn’t racist,

Real Americans forced into orphanages,
Children stolen and sold,
Names erased,
Crazyhorse became John,

Afros became unprofessional,
African phonetics became improper,
Professional became White middle class,

This isn’t a joke…

3 percent of the American population owns 97 percent of the wealth,
7 percent of the World’s population owns 93 percent of the fortunes,

Institutionalized racism became the golden rule,
Apartheid was legal, the Holocaust continues,
Slavery made money, slaves bought and sold by all states,
Mass incarceration Jim Crow’s cousin,
Executing Black youth the KKK drinks a beer with Uncle Sam,

Nooses became cop killers,
Government assassins wear badges,
Wish to make America forever racist,
The Real immigrants, White Europeans,
Believe they have the right to label others what they were,

This isn’t a joke…


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