Black Youth Executed Publicly

Announcing acronyms fragrant, start with the GOP,
Wishing the NYPD were RIP,

Half past noon, brothers pouring liquor for the dead,
Wishing badges alcoholic, more Pacs, less Pigs,
Less Trayvon Martin murders, more Black Steve Jobs,

Wallstreet doesn’t want economics in the hands of Blacks,
Reigns given to Jews and debt to Blacks,
Can’t stand if employment of Blacks by Walmart became Black Wallsteet,

It wasn’t long ago, in 1963 Blacks spent over 20 million dollars a year,
Yet the Federal Reserve controlled by Greed,

Exchanged the right to vote, kept the right to live,
Not a clue, damn near Blue, these aren’t half truths,

Texas lets loose, playground swing sets swinging Black boys,
Women paid 84 cents to a man’s dollar,
Black sisters rate of pay compared to White Suffragists,

Compared with mass incarceration rates,
Black inmates paid pocket change for years of slave labor,

Truthfully, you can’t elect and expect perfection,
Nor can you expect elections to remove the knife out your back,

Instead, it has to be forcibly removed,
As young Black boys are executed publicly…


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