Cuba I’m Coming (Jews Ain’t The Only Ones With A Holocaust)

Trapped in my body, White Privilege alongside me,
Born without choice, God ran out of African passports,
Watching Black Youth from hoods, shot and capped by Pigs,

Didn’t get the chance to wear cap and gown,
Fell to the ground for refusing to put down hoodies,

Compassion and understanding, co-existence not integration,
FEDS interrogating, got me trying to snitch on Brethren,
No matter education, I can never falsify my identity,

After walking millenniums and running into conundrums,
Trading places with every high school drop out exchanging books for gang tats,

No doubt staring at the ground, pupils digging graves for lost roots,
Shoes touching hollow ground, hoping to leave this realm,
Africans tired of preaching truth, Jews ain’t the only with a Holocaust,

White skin but believe in Guerrilla warfare by the Cripps and Bloods,
Legislation signed by the President won’t remove Capitalism, Racism, or the Empire,

Blood diamonds and blood stands, walking hand in hand with an African and a machete,
Eyes fixated on breaking fixtures in Police Stations, breaking out the innocent imprisoned,
Waiting for my name to be put next to Mandela’s, Assata Shakur wait for me I am coming,


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