Middle Finger Up To Special Education: My Kids Are Unique And One of A Kind

Gotta’ make a radical resolution,
Start a revolution,
Don’t know if we got a movement,
Put it in motion,

10 point plan,
Keep forgetting,
If I saw planes,
Vision plain,
Tattered and torn,
Ideas grown,

I walked hand in hand with Blondie,
Short little man everything between his palms,
Not lost in confusion,
Balancing planetary rotations,
Multiple pigments,
Teachers speak of figments,
As if imagination can’t hold figures,
We counted the number of pictures,
Rocking steady with 10 fingers in the air,
Middle finger held high,
Pretending to be rocket scientists,

Between multiple sclerosis,
Schools perpetrating idiot-isms,
Wishing sightseers to believe in higher learning,
Dreamers taught never to skip rocks while day dreaming,
Special education portrayed as a rabid dog on a leash,
Rockstars underneath uncontrollable problematics,

Pragmatic prioritized before achievement,
Lyrics the key to the soul,
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome has no soul,
Brain synapses firing on all cylinders,
Can’t call it problematic,
Call him genetically gifted and a genius,

Even if I write one hit wonders,
Wake up every morning after dreaming,
Middle finger in the air dancing profoundly,
Speaking wonderfully even if no one can hear me,
Can’t tell anyone they are speaking wrongly,
Call her speech utterly pro-founding,
Heavenly and miraculous,
Utterly beautiful and religious,

Fix your ears to this beautiful tune,
One more time,
So everyone hears,

Ain’t a damn thing called Special Needs,
Tallahi considers Atraya mentally impaired,
He’s unique and sincere,
Sometimes sneaky and delirious,

Wouldn’t you be if you constructed Empire State Buildings in your dreams,
Walked along Pirate Ship planks every second of every day,
Spotted colorful waterfalls when drinking fountains spit,

If so,
Everyone in this world is Special Needs,

How about the alcoholic drivers with white license plates?
Gotta’ drive under special conditions?
Pedophiles and serial rapists?
Adulterers and greedy Wall Street Brokers?
Impeached presidents and money laundering thieves?
City governance killing children with iron in water pipes?
Ain’t a goddamn thing wrong with drinking unsanitary water?


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