“COLORED” Queens

Life tricked me,
Made me think I could display beauty through poetry,
When I was young,
Only wished to color strangers beautiful,
Hated it when others displayed ignorance,

Hearing she’s beautiful for a “colored” girl,
Guess that makes me a “NIGGA” lover,
I always believed Black women were Queens,
“Colored” girls the children of Mother Earth’s wisdom,
KKK wrote me a death letter asking to spill my blood,

Saddened when parents say children were a mistake,
As if young girls and troubled youth,
Failed experiments thrown in the recycling bin,
Caught between Suburban life and Ghettos,
Speaks latin but changes clothes after school,

Not sure if shooting for the stars was possible,
Hardly playing only Playboys and Play-Stations,
White girls act blind yet wearing binders,
Society exchanging cultural roots with panty lines,
Try persuading a Black Queen skin color ain’t motivation,

Confused when I wrote this ending,
Tried figuring out if life holds meaning,
Meaning found by living,
Hardly speaking,
Anything but my own skin color holds meaning,

Realistically speaking,
By living with Black skin,
Being called “colored” won’t change,
Born with complexion not giving a choice,
Queens of oppression,

Understand the Oxford dictionary betrayed me,
Historical roots displayed knowledge in my dreams,
Caressing railroad tracks and cemeteries upon ribs,
Mad respect I got for all my African,
Middle Eastern, Asian, and South American Queens,

Without doubt,
I end with this,
When I witness strong hands burying nightmares,
Achievements obliterating colonization and empire,
Can’t stop production,

Five letter word on a doctor’s note,
Remember White minds,
Can’t take this medicine,
I got too much love for “COLORED” girls,
Wear fresh kicks and shoot for the stars,

Much love to true Queens…


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