Confide In, Rely On


When I found you,
I asked if I could borrow time,
All I wanted to do was take you around the world,
Have you by my side,

I thought I could put a price on love,
Give you the finest things,
Wishing for you to be the apple of my eye,
Bless the One who realized,


You are a treasure never meant to be defined,
Everyday I am over the hills,
No matter the direction or high winds,
Every day I am flying high,

I answer she’s the baddest woman,
Won my heart and broke into my chest,
Transformed my life from a prison into her children’s future father,
Body speaks jealousy at her intellect,


After finding each other,
This broken record needs listening to,
Picked up and dusted off,
Play each tune like it was Angel Gabriel reciting,

If I ever need confiding,
You are the only one I will reside in,
None other would I provide for,
You are the only I will die for,


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