Rest My Love (Rest)

my love isn’t the best,
my past buries the rest,

sometimes I wish i woke up,

wishing, hoping, trying,
failing, dreaming, crying,

I found her,
I found Allah,

Or should I say, she found me,
Or should I say, Allah sent for me,

when I close my eyes,
I smell your scent,
as I kiss your neck,
I hear your words,

waking up from this pain,

not because love disappeared,
not because continents shifted,

no matter where I walk,
I witness small child feet imprints,

next to me,
in front of me,
and behind me

no matter where I sit,
I ask for a second pair of utensils,

meant to be,

nothing exists unless you hold me at night,
everything has color when I kiss ur lips,

each syllable sounded out from the tip of your tongue,
I swallow in case it is the last time I eat,

everything created,
no kin, no relations,
born attached by the soul,
hips raptured and captured links,

no matter what they say,
or what fate plans,

I am for you,
you are for me,

everyday my soul is a window,
for your hands to rest,
place your mind in the palm of my hands,

and rest…


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