Woman of My Dreams And Her Family

It was my greatest achievement,
Between her mother and I,
Fear led revolt,
Miseducation denounced reality as fiction,
Merely friction held values hostage,
Asked if value was numerical,
Or was paradise a miracle,

Not nearly plausible,
My intention solvable,
No need for investigation,
Contrary to popular belief,
Skin color matters when Pigs with badges pull you over,

Sitting next to common sense,
Waiting for the woman of my dreams to rescue logic,
Asked if genetics were problematic,
In case nationality was automatic,
It isn’t your birthplace that becomes a birthright,
In order to stand up-right one must take flight,

Sitting pondering reality,
With her father’s brother,
Wishing for only one sight to see,
Requested her hand for one to see,
This woman’s touch I wished for,
Not only in my dreams while preaching,
Replied to every question,
Not with Coptic or Cryptic,
With an honest prescription,

They asked how was she the one,
How did she become the apple of my eye,
It was an emotional recollection,
I wanted her to come home,
Give birth to an entire tribe,
It wasn’t physical beauty,

She had an entire intellect as her wardrobe,
I could have found women with stripper wardrobe,
But they wouldn’t understand spiritual elegance,
I wanted to become one with hope,
Die with paradise at my finger-tips,
She was the woman of my dreams in my dreams,
Sharing everything including dreams,

I don’t need permission,
We were pronounced husband and wife in principle,
After pathos and logos,
All I request is for you to use ethos,
She’s got a frame made of steel,
Able to back-hand Iblis and witness beauty deep within,

Once I asked her if my soul was dirty,
She responded by removing hate via scripture verse,
It wasn’t physicality only scripture,
Her tongue meant to cradle civilization…


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