Living Righteous My Synopsis

Pleading for God to release me,
Asking for death to free me,
Pretending to be okay,
Pretending to rest in peace,
Everyday standing in righteousness,
Everyday harder to pray,

Washing dirty hands,
Pants above ankles,
Everyday struggling to say Ameen,
Everyday brothers at the mosque judging exteriors,
Thinking they understand interiors…

Maybe one day I will be free,
Maybe one day I will stop searching,

Maybe I already am,


Searching my purpose,
Seeking light to encompass darkness,
Pleading pictures of perfection,

Life of a convict,
Trapped in prison,
No metal bars,
Feet stuck lying,

Visitors seeking advice,
Realigning tools of seclusion with success,
Deserving no respect,

Is it rehab time…


Critics came for answers,
When life hits hard,
Proposals of fame and fortune,
Empty lies and deceit,

Maybe I already am…


Hiding under cars,
In closets,
Behind couches,

Dismissed father’s inappropriate touching,
Pretending bombs not bombs,
Refusing to believe the boogie man is in the house,

The feeling,
The believing,
The dreaming,

Wishing one day to place my head in His hands,
Hearing words flow from His smile,

Land of the dead,
Walking future tenses,
Forcing doubt upon minds,
Doubting doubts,
Waking from the cave,
Gabriel visited first,

Maybe I already am…


Staring into death’s eyes,
Staring into Ibis’s eyes,

Refusing to bow…


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