Haters Hiding In Your Inner Circle

Sometimes fate,
Other times LIFE,

Carrying memories,
Lessons learned,
Never affirmed,

Friends follow,
Family close,

They become receptive,
Merely counterfeiters,

Clear indulgence,
Money speaks,

Past balances and loans,
Quick to remind,

You owe me…

Who stuck with you till now?
First to ditch when it all disappears?

Inches from the edge,
Heels holding weight,

Wealth bleeds,
Seconds later,
They push you off…

Would he flip if charges are dropped?
Would she snitch if millions are given?

Can’t trust a soul,
Except for the one,
Who installed logic,

You wouldn’t give the key to a junkie for a pharmacy?
You wouldn’t leave a thief alone in a museum?

Avid romantics,
Science fiction,
Hollywood passion,

Stabbed in the back,
Pedophile keeps touching,

Success inevitable,
Despicable enemies within,

Tisk. Tisk. Tisk.


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