My Wife’s Dowry Was A Blue Children’s Chalk

Before I asked for your hand,
You walked hand in hand with freedom,
Able to snap selfies with girlfriends,
Stayed out late,
Worried only about yourself,

You were a young girl with no worries,
As long as you were able to ride your bicycle,
Wear a princess dress and watch boys gaze,

Yet that wasn’t what I intended,
Nor what I wanted,
I was a young boy,
Not afraid to ask,

No motives,
No games,

Never wanted to get into your pants,
Never thought about running,

I only wanted your hand…

Remembering that day,
Worse than Momma’ telling me no in a grocery store,

Sketching sunrises on pavement,
Rainbows blowing in the wind,
Chalk all over your hands,
Knee scraps and bare-feet,

All I wanted was to share,
Maybe ask for a blue or black,

Most boys asked for digits,
Take a walk around the school-yard,

That wasn’t my game,
I was patient,

Honesty you preferred,
With open toed shoes,
Knee-high socks,
Suspenders and a peter pan hat,

I only wanted your hand…

“I might not give the chalk back,
Sometimes I forget,
Sometimes I lose it,
But I promise,
I will try to remember”

When you heard this,
Your hair fell upon shoulders,
Impact of waves crashing upon waves,

You replied, “what color”?

Blue I prefer,
But any will do,

When our hands touched,
My ADHD pills called God,
Future tenses and memories,

We were sitting at the same lunch table,
Sharing Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches,

I asked while holding a blue piece of chalk,
Will you be my Girl?
I promise I will keep you,

Unlike pieces of chalk I forget…


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