Without Free Thinking Education Becomes Schooling

Learning is living and I don’t want to stop breathing,

Believing is growing,
Greeting is believing,

I remember those can’t touch the floor days…

Legs not long enough to be called a man,
It wasn’t pain but it might have caused a sprain,

Days went by and I lost feeling in my right hand,
Left side of my brain felt like it lost its other half,

Truth be told,

Failed kindergarten and lost the scissor war,
Mrs. Stephens said education was everything,

To her, I was nothing but an empty cranium,
My intelligence on Amber Alert,
Her intellect lost visitation rights,

Truth be told,

I hated art class…

Every child an empty canvas,
Each life filled with colors from Holi,

If he wants to touch base with music notes and beats,
Color code keyboard strokes and become a DJ,
If she hates the sight of chemical reactions,
Speaks freely when discussing imagination and an alternative universe,


Let them run wild,
Learn to fly without being zoo animals,
Once you take away freethinking,
It becomes, well, nothing…


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