Yes We Can Be like النجم الثاقب

Described by 99 names,

Every utterance,
Every tradition,

His manners,
His ethics,
His moral character,
His state of affairs,
His knowledge of the Torah,
His knowledge of the Gospel,

Every statement carried wisdom,
Not only a lawmaker but a father,

(All of his children but one died during his lifetime)

Acts of worship,
Medicine and laws of inheritance,
Learnt without being able to read or write,

Can we be like Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)?

علم الایمان
Alam ul Eeman
The banner of faith

النجم الثاقب
An Najm-us-Saqib
Shining star

عین النعیم
Ayn un Naeem
The spring of blessing

فصیح اللسان
Faseehul Lisaan
The eloquent of speech.

حریص علیکم
The Covetous for the Believers

The Awakener, The Gatherer

خلیل الرحمٰن
Khaleel ur Rahman
The friend of Compassionate

(Just to name a few)

We live in a time of extreme poverty,
Excess war and violence,
Oppressors and oppressed,

When we are struck,
We seek revenge,
As we bleed,
We dream of vengeance,

In such a scenario,
Can we be like Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)?

“The Prophet (peace be upon him) resembled a prophet who was harmed by his people.
He wiped the blood from his face and said:
‘O God! Forgive my people, for they know not!”

(Bukhari #3290)

Every glance towards the TV,
News portrays an evil society,
Portraying all officers of the law,
Equal to the Axis of Evil Bush labeled Muslims,

Emmett Till’s picture sweeps across streets,
Jundub b. Sufyaan,
One of the companions of Prophet Muhammad,
Said the Messenger’s finger bled during one of the battles,
And he the Messenger said:
“You are but a finger which has bled;
Which suffers in the path of God.”

(Bukhari #2648)

When we are bruised,
When we are jailed,
Consider all pain inflicted,
Each body part suffering from Persecution,
Do not repel pain with the same action of he who inflicts,
Forgiveness removed hatred,
Anger produces injury,
Sincerity heals,
Speak loudly,

Indeed my prayers,
Rites of sacrifice,
My living,
My dying,
Are for God,
No partner has He,

“Say, Indeed, my prayer, my rites of sacrifice, my living and my dying are for God, Lord of the worlds.
No partner has He. And this I have been commanded and I am the first (among you) of the Muslims.”


With sincerity follows friendship,
Companionship and Kinship,
Can we strive for excellence?
All of us carry manners,
Just as we carry Qur’an,
Memorization plants roots,
Manners become rainfall,
If we do not water soil,
Actions will not represent religion,
Abiding by every command,
Stay away from prohibitions,
Observing virtuous deeds,

“God has sent me to perfect good manners and to do good deeds.”
(Bukhari & Ahmed)

As we wake,
As we work,
As we communicate,

Refraining from swearing,
Refraining from rude behavior,
Refraining from cursing,

Anas b. Malik (ra) observed,
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) would say,

‘What is wrong with him,
May dust be cast in his face!”
(Bukhari #5684)

Correcting what you observe,
Being courteous to all,
No matter age or gender,
Once when the Prophet was in a gathering,
Someone brought a drink to the Prophet,
He drank from it and on his right side there was a young boy,
On his left side were elderly men,
Feeling obliged by the respect of elders,
Not wanting to hurt the feelings of the child,
He asked the young boy,

“Do you mind if I give the drink to them?’
The young boy said: ‘O Prophet of God! By God!
I would not prefer anyone to drink from the place you drank.
This is my fair share.’
The Messenger of God (peace be upon him) handed the boy the drink.”

(Bukhari #2319)

What is right must be achieved,
What is correct must be seen,
We must not treat acts as if they are ambiguous,
It is true if you see an evil action,
Change it with your hand,
If your are not able to than with your tongue,
If not with your tongue,
With your heart,
If it injures another,
Whether in this life or the next,
Should you not follow his example?

Abdullah b. Abbas (ra) said:
The Messenger of God saw a man wearing a gold ring,
So he reached for it, [and] removed it,
He then said: “Would one of you seek a burning charcoal and place it on his hand?”
The man was later told,
After the Prophet left:
‘Take your ring! Make good use of it [by selling it].’
The man said: ‘No, by God!
I will never take it after the Messenger of God cast it away.’
(Muslim #2090)

We believe we cannot achieve similar heights,
Compassion and sincerity,
Actions we are all capable of,
Just because you are imperfect,
Doesn’t mean you can’t strive for perfection,

If someone passes by you,
While you are not in a state of purification,
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) wouldn’t greet,
After you are done performing ablution,
Do as he did,
Apologize and say,

“I disliked that I should mention God’s name while I am not in a state of purity.”
(Ibn Khuzaimah #206)

Are we not capable of stating truth?
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to pray during the night,
A’ishah (ra) said until his feet would swell,
When asked why he did this,
He replied, “Shall I not be a grateful slave (of God)?”
(Bukhari #4557)

We are people of excuses if we say we can’t follow suit,
It is only laziness that stops us from attempting simple feats,
How easy it is to wear clean clothes on Fridays,
How easy it is to wear clean clothes for work,

We do not need to sleep on King size beds,
We do not need to live lavish lifestyles,
Many of us persisting,
“I can’t be like the Prophet”,

By using such an excuse,
Refusing to let go of Dunya (this life),
Would bring tears to his eyes,

Abdullah b. Masood (ra),
Told us how the Prophet lived,
He would sleep on a mat,
When the Prophet stood,
Marks were witnessed on his side,

Companions would say: ‘O Messenger of God,
Shall we not make [a proper] bedding for you?’
Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) reply was priceless,
“What do I have to do with this world?
I am only like a wayfarer upon a mount that stopped to take shade and rest under a tree,
And then leaves it behind and continues on the journey.”
(Tirmidthi #2377)

It is because of our refusal of worldly things,
That stop us from becoming like Prophet Muhammad,
Not because we can’t,
When the Messenger of God died,
He did not leave any gold of silver currency,
He only left his white mule,
Weapons and a piece of land declared as charity,

Are we capable of similar intentions?
Yes but ego doesn’t appreciate sentiment,
Ego doesn’t appreciate community,

Sahl b. Sa’d (ra) said:
Prophet Muhammad had more care for those around him than for his own self,

“A woman gave the Messenger of God (pbuh) a Burdah (gown).
The Prophet (pbuh) asked his Companions: ‘Do you know what a Burdah is?’
They replied, ‘Yes, O Prophet of God!
It is a piece of woven cloth [similar to a shawl].
The woman said: ‘O Prophet of God! I have woven this shawl with my own hands, for you to wear.’
The Messenger of God (pbuh) took it while he direly needed it.
After a while, the Messenger of God (pbuh) came out of his home wearing it,
And a Companion said to the Messenger of God (pbuh):

‘O Prophet of God! Grant me this shawl to wear!’
The Messenger of God (pbuh) said: ‘Yes.’
He then sat for awhile, and headed back home,
Folded it and gave it to the person who asked for it.

The Companions scolded him saying: ‘It was not appropriate for you to ask for his shawl;
Especially since you know he does not turn anyone down or send them away empty-handed!
The man said: ‘By God! I only asked him to give it to me because I want to be shrouded in this shawl when I die.’
Sahl, the narrator of the Hadeeth said:
‘The shawl was used as a shroud for that man when he died.”

(Bukhari #1987)

Are these actions hard for us to copy?
Yes but are they impossible?

How easy it was for the Prophet to perform salah (prayer),
While carrying an infant named Umaamah,
Daughter of Abdul-Aas,
When Prophet Muhammad bowed,
He put her on the ground,
When he stood,
He would carry her again,

Are we of such little affection,
We cannot duplicate action?
If an Imam hears a child crying,
Would he not shorten prayer?
Such compassion flows through veins,
Alongside charity if it exists,

He never refused,
When a man came to the Prophet and asked for two herds (sheep),
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) released them,
When it was Ramadhan,
He met Gabriel,
They would meet every night and practice Qur’an,

You could describe Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) generous givings,
As being faster than the swiftest wind,
Abu Dharr (ra) was out walking with the Prophet,
They were in the Har’rah (volcanic region) of Madeenah,
Facing the mount of Uhud;
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him said) said:

‘O Abu Dharr!’ I said: ‘Here I am O Messenger of God!’
He said: ‘It would not please me to have an amount of gold equal to the weight of Mount Uhud,
Until I spend and give it out (in the sake of God) within a night or within three nights.
I would keep a single silver piece of it to help those who are in debt.

(Bukhari #2312)

Are we afraid of being truthful?
What harm comes from following such footsteps?
The trait he hated most was lying,
If a man told a lie in his presence,
He would hold it against him until he knew of repentance,

Such truthfulness cannot be denied,
Even Abu Jahl who was the harshest of enemies said,
‘O Muhammad! I do not say that you are a liar!
I only deny what you brought and what you call people to.’

God sent down a comforting reply,

“We know indeed that what they say certainly grieves you,
But surely they do not call you a liar;
But the unjust deny the verses of God.”

Are we not a brotherhood?
Should we not become one?
If we were a community,
No one could tell us apart,
Humbleness would distract,

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was so humble,
That if a stranger were to enter the mosque,
And approach the Prophet’s sitting place,
While he was sitting with his companions,
One would not be able to distinguish him from his companions,

Anas bin Malik (ra) said:

“Once, while we were sitting with the Messenger of God (pbuh) in the Masjid,
One man on his camel approached.
After he tied it with a rope, he asked:
‘Who amongst you is Muhammad?’
The Messenger of God (pbuh) was sitting on the ground while he was leaning, with his Companions.
We directed the Bedouin, saying:
‘This white man leaning on the ground.’
The Prophet (pbuh) did not differ nor distinguish himself from his Companions.”

He would not hesitate to help,
Even when a woman from the people of Madeenah,
Who was partially insane asked for help,
He helped her and she left,

(Bukhari #670)

Are we not able to duplicate such actions?
When a man came to the Prophet,
Speaking of not praying fajr because so and so lengthens it,
Did he become angry at the man for not praying?
No, instead he became angry at the imam,

‘O People! Verily there are among you those who chase people away!
If you lead people in prayer, shorten the prayer.
There are old and weak people and those with special needs behind you in prayer.’
(Bukhari #670)

Be kind to children,
Whether of blood or not,

“The Messenger of God (pbuh) sat with the child while he was on his deathbed.
The child’s eyes froze in their places like stones.
Upon seeing that, the Messenger of God (pbuh) wept.
Sa’d said to him, ‘What is this ‘O Prophet of God?’
He said: ‘This is a mercy that God, the Exalted, places in the hearts of His slaves.
Truly, God is merciful to those who are merciful towards others.’ ”

(Bukhari #6942)

If you are injured from an accident,
Why become angry?
Prophet Muhammad laughed,

Anas bin Malik (ra) said:

“Once, I was walking with the Messenger of God (pbuh),
While he was wearing a Yemeni cloak with a collar with rough edges.
A Bedouin grabbed him strongly.
I looked at the side of his neck,
Saw that the edge of the cloak left a mark on his neck.
The Bedouin said, ‘O Muhammad! Give me [some] of the wealth of God that you have.’
The Messenger of God (pbuh) turned to the Bedouin,
Laughed and ordered that he be given [some money].”
(Bukhari #2980)


All attributes we have the ability to promote,
When the people of Quraish were concerned about a Makhzoomi woman,
They conversed among themselves and asked for someone to intercede,

Usamah b. Zaid interceded,
What was Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) reply?

‘People before you were destroyed because when the noble among them stole,
They would let him go; and if the poor and weak stole they would punish him.
By God! If Fatimah, the daughter of Muhammad stole, I would cut her hand off.’
(Bukhari #3288)

When a man from the Ansar was cracking jokes,
With people and making them laugh,
The Prophet passed by him and poked his side lightly,
With a branch of a tree that he was carrying,

The man exclaimed: ‘O Prophet of God! Allow me to avenge myself!’
The Prophet said: ‘Go Ahead!’
The man said: ‘O Messenger of God, you are wearing a garment,
And I was not when you poked me,

The Messenger of God raised his upper garment [to expose his side],
And the Ansari [merely] kissed it,
Saying: ‘I only meant to do this, O Messenger of God!’
(Abu Dawood #5224)

Even when enemies rejected,
He was a man of repentance,
Offering another chance to those who did not accept,

A’ishah (ra) said,

‘I asked the Messenger of God:
“Did you face a day harder and more intense than the Battle of Uhud?‛
He replied: ‘I suffered a lot from your people!
The worst I suffered was on the Day of al-’Aqabah,
When I spoke to Ali b. Abd Yaleel b. Abd Kilaal (in order to support me),
But he disappointed me and left me.
I left the area while I was quite worried and walked,
When I reached an area called Qarn ath-Tha’alib,
I raised my head to the sky and noticed a cloud that shaded me.
Gabriel called me and said:
‘O Muhammad! God, the Exalted, has heard what your people have said to you,
And has sent the Angel in charge of the mountains,
So you can command him to do what you please.’

The Prophet said: ‘The Angel in charge of the mountains called me saying:
‘May God praise you and keep safe from all evil!
O Muhammad, I will do whatever you command me to do.
If you like I can bring the Akh-shabain mountains together and crush them all.’
The Messenger of God (pbuh) said:
‘It may be that God raises from among them a progeny,
Who worship God alone and associate no partners with Him.’
(Bukhari #3059)

Do I believe we can be like Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)?
Yes I do,

Will it be a struggle,?
Of coarse it will,

Does that mean we should use excuses?
No it doesn’t…


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