Dark Autumn Nights

Ready but never steady,
Living with controlled Chaos,

Carrying nightmares,
Shadows sleep walk,
Laying on my right side,
God removed thy soul,

Tried to clean cavities,
Woke up in boot camp…

Might didn’t hide,
Weak wouldn’t die,
Strong couldn’t win,

Not me,
Sometimes he,
Usually her,
Maybe they,


Don’t speak,

Do you hear whispering?
Favorable to crying,

Autumn color,
Cold winter days,
Dull nights,
Wine bottles,
Alcoholic fathers,

Pretending to sleep,
Hoping to stop,

When it didn’t,

She danced with Drama,
He played with knives,
They wished for Life,

Each day moved…
Closer to bliss…

Would they return?


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