Sunset of a Defendant

Without faith one cannot believe in fate,
Without love one cannot believe in peace,
Without family one cannot believe in community,


Young man sits in chains,
Hands causing Earthquakes in Cali,
Mind of quicksand,
Slowly pulling his body down,
Justice system broken,
Judge receives compensation,
Defendant doesn’t have a name,
Orange jumpsuit,
Another Black face,
Standing in front of a White jury,

His crime?
Staring at a White woman,
Death by hanging,
Sometimes burning,
Majority of the time,
Roughed up,
Emmett Till,
Point of no return,

Roots uprooted the court-room,
Arms stretched wall to wall,
God granted the defendant,
Ability to fly,

Not the look others perceived,
Witnessed one of tears,
Pain, blood, and sweat,
Young boy fiddling in chains,
Eyes shifting wall to wall,

Tears not for himself,
Tears for every jury member,
Fiddling with chains a metaphor,
Tears not a sign of fear,
Tears a sign of prayer,

Fiddling in chains not without cause,
Dancing via meditation causing relaxation,
Dancing without permission,
Fiddling for a fawn,


Boy transformed into a man,
Dwellings changed from a warm bed to a bright future,
Vision not set on where we sentence him,
Witnessed a perfect sun-rise,
Son sitting behind him whispering,

“Don’t worry daddy I love you”
“Momma said she has a plan”
“She is going to break you out”


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