True Roots of Kingship

Kings without crowns,
Rib cages pretending to be castle dwellings,
Haven’t you seen Man,
We act as if we can bring the dead back to life,
Counter-acting doctors and medical phenomenons,
Why don’t you bring the Pharaoh of Egypt back to life?

Idols sit,
Onlookers worship,

Gender (color) wage gap ignored,
White females employed,

Michelle applies for the same job as Monique,

Same education,
Same diploma,
Same experience,

Guess who receives more calls back?

Michelle has a 25 percent more chance of receiving a call back,
Michelle paid 77 cents to One Dollar,
Michelle makes at least 10 cents more,

For all the European descent women,
Holding a low to middle-income position,

Say Thank You to the color of your skin,
Say Thank You to how Generic your name sounds…

Let us take a step back,
Perceive not what eyes deceive,
What you see cannot be what one thinks,

Upon this throne a king or queen sits,
Whether diplomatic or problematic,
Neither relinquishes rights,

Power does not come without a cost,

Every business excluding “non-profits” receives funding,
Every king, queen, president, and prime minister receives payment,

From Israel to Saudi,
From Wall Street to Insurance corporations,
From Billionaires to International Banks,

Wearing a mask for Entertainment except two…

Young man drying sweaty palms on corners,
Standing past midnight wishing for buyers,

Fearful of patrols,
Dreaming of siblings eating,
Swearing vengeance against Uncle Sam,

Each night one of orange flares,
Released from custody,
Her second offense,


Trying to live instead of dying,
Working in order to put food on the table,

Ignoring abuse,
Sending children to school…

He shouldn’t be slinging rocks but it makes more cash than working minimum wage,
She shouldn’t be doing hand-stands having one leg up but it beats being homeless,

Want to understand the connection between eligibility to the throne and those ignored,
Lost children of not Israel but Success are those in desperate times,

Ironic part about all this is the ending…

17 years earlier she (the Queen) had a baby boy,
Placed in front of an orphanage,

She didn’t recognize her son as they passed…

He tells his Wife he has to work late,
Tossing dollar bills,
Exotic dancer never knew why he visited (every Friday),

He had a daughter with another woman…

Those who grind,
Thankful for what they have,

Lost sons and daughters without guidance…
Able to grasp the crown and wear it comfortably…


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