Humanity Loses Humanity

This world has me feeling intellectual,
And I’m not talking about being up or down,
If another person tries using a illogical metaphor,
Calling me a cat or God is like a Mercedes-Benz factory,
Comparing people to felines because they can’t describe in a single sentence,
What a single line means because they thought I was talking, snorting, or writing lines,

Sometimes making up lies in order to understand spies,
Half the time tears catch me crying,
Death visited and asked if I wanted to save a life,
Often quoting one person can make a difference,
Speaking in Coptic signs,

I remember when my mother’s ashes were handed to me,
My father lowered in a make-believe coffin,
Death arrived and asked if I wanted to save your life,
Not sure if that meant take my life or trade this life for yours?

It doesn’t matter what the hand looks like unless it feeds you,
When homes are made into containment camps,
Understand the one who feeds you is the one who breaks you,
The one who controls you is the one bought you,
Whether Father Time was Before Christ or after a false Crucifixion,
Death keeps asking if I wish to be the father of his children,

Pardon the idea jumping and playing of leapfrog,
If you understand the idea of illegal border crossing,
Dreaming of a better future and an old white man handing you a Diploma,
Ironically it was previous roots who fought for independence,
Understanding how to get from one X to the next without dying of thirst,

Finding rivers, hiding upon the bank,
Trying your best not to be shot by Thirst,
Trackers paid while hunters hunt,
Whether hiding behind the badge or hugging your daughter,
Can’t imagine life of a liar,
What do you say to your daughter when she asks what you do,
She’s thinking you save the world,
Daddy was a murderer and separated families for money,
Salary bloody so I call it the Red Sea,

By the time the sun set,
Asked to see his palms,
Did he have scars from being nailed to the cross?
It was the wrong question,
His answer wasn’t one of prediction,
Rather it was one of appropriation,
Allocating defense funds and disproportional sentences,

Not once was the Nation great,
Founding fathers men of minimal feat,
Whose feet were the ones walking the Trail of Tears?
No point in bringing up Africans housed as animals in Zoos,
Death asked if I wanted a cigarette,
Waited for time to expire,
In times of desperation we have to perform magic tricks,
Greeted one another and asked for each other’s last name,
Shared a drink, dinner plate, and handshake,
Tried to understand the oppressor’s ideology,

Death arrives when fear is in control or when one seeks death,
If we are neither afraid of Death nor seeking it,
Soldiers not afraid of what is behind the tree yet climb to higher ground,
Without doubt one recognizes in appearance what is in contradiction,
Death recognized my bluff and all that was in recognition,

It was prediction that led to a swift execution,
Not mine but his or rather both of ours,
Death was a Slave-master,
My thoughts that of a House-Slave,
Continuously at odds with logic,
Discrepancy between mind and soul,
Valued life over freedom,
Without recognition life has to be won not bought,

White-house built block by block by Black hands,
Countless graves hidden by Towers elected,
White men shall fall faster than 9/11 towers,
Every Black female must reveal her wage,
Age and skin color White females fear,

Wives and daughters of the White Woman’s Suffrage,
Voting and wage supremacy,
Not merely a discrepancy,
We are afraid of speaking truthfully,
Speaking politically correct,

Screw politics,
Let us be truthful so humanity doesn’t lose humanity…


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