When You Miss Your Wife

I Miss You,
A sentence with three word,
Yet more powerful than imagination,

When you are far,
When we are not together,
I hold my pillow tight,

Some people say men shouldn’t cry,
Before I met you,
I was alone,
When I met you,
I never wanted to be alone again…

This isn’t me trying to be sweet,
I can’t do a single thing without you,
Everyday feels like a nightmare,
Reliving the last time I saw you,
Without any guarantee,
Not sure when we would touch one another,
I couldn’t help but fall to the floor and cry,

You and I watched the sunrise,
We waited for birds to fly,
Ate every meal together,
I wiped the corners of your mouth,
In case you had something here or there,
I would lick the tip of my finger…

Wishing to sleep at night,
I smell your fragrance,
Not that Victoria Secret shit,
I got something better
Your morning smell,
Open your eyes,
Spot the little bit of drool,
After holding your hand so tight,
Falling asleep with my head on your chest,
I couldn’t find a better pillow…

How do I do this?
Please God,
Help me through this,
I don’t like being alone,
Days are long,
My vision short,
Oh God I need you,

I don’t know what it is like being alone,
She’s my baby,
After my mother and father died,
I wished to be visited by an Angel,
Instead of being visited,
I married one…

Days and nights,
I can’t find where one begins and the other ends,
They have been coming and leaving together,
My mind playing tricks,
Often times seeing shapes at arm’s-length,
My hands used to feeling your warmth,
If I closed my eyes I would see you,
Big beautiful brown eyes and a smile causing earthquakes,
Oh God help me through these memories,

No one understands,
It was the smallest of details,
When she had woken up,
Some of that fairy dust caught up in the corners of her eyes,
I would wipe gently and make her vision clear,

When her cheeks became rosy because of my mishaps,
When she blushed because of my corny romantic gestures,
Remember watching her get dressed in front of our mirror,

You are nothing but a Queen,
Beautiful curvatures,
God blessed every part of you…

She brushed her teeth,
Sometimes a little messy,
When she accidentally dropped food,
I cleaned it,

Sharing food and feeding each other,
Drinking from the same cup,
Often times forgetting the color of my toothbrush,
My baby tapping the back of my head,

Knowing for a fact,
Returning from school,
My baby waiting for me,
Ready to squeeze me,
She missed me,

Brushing her hair,
Buying her favorite food,
Holding hands,

Love in its purest form,
God created love for creation…

I force myself to smile,
I miss you,
I can’t live without you,

Oh God help me through this,
I don’t know how to do this.,

I don’t know how to be alone…
When is she coming home…


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