American Muslim And Proud

Not many people are capable of loving,
The good, the bad, and the ugly
It doesn’t affect me if you are a different shade,
Or from the opposite side of the fence,

Commanded to love for the sake of Allah (s.w.t),
It doesn’t mean we won’t argue, fight, or become distant,
Whether we fallout or stay friends,
Love is in the palm of hands,
Between my ears and in my mind,

Open your eyes,
I love the land and this nation,
Whether your American or Syrian,
Somali or Hungarian,
I got love for you,
No matter our differences,

You could be a member of the KKK,
I would be disappointed,
But I still want what is best for you,
Live righteous and brighten each other’s day,

We can have philosophical differences,
Follow different schools of thought,
But none of that enters my mind,
I am commanded to treat others with compassion,

If you want to carry the American flag,
Blue background and White star,
Red, white, and Black,
It doesn’t matter to me…

You are correct,
I fight UNCLE SAM,
Read books,
Written by great minds,

Wish the Black Panthers were alive,
Revisited JFK before he was shot,
Asked Lincoln why he was shot,
Critiqued Dr. King and Malcolm’s beef,
Believed in freedom and fought colonialism,

I am going to defend my country,
Whether you are Christian, Jewish, or Atheist,
If you are my neighbor,
I am obligated check if you are hungry,
Make sure you didn’t fall asleep hungry,

Defending each other based on humanity,
Some call it insanity,
I call it having modesty and sensitivity,
My speciality,

I educate,
Speak harshly,
I will never leave you,
I will continue to wish good for you,
And if someone wishes to hurt you,
I won’t hesitant to protect you,

After all,
It isn’t about what passport you carry,
Nor what religious practices you adhere to,

Allah (s.w.t) commanded no compulsion in religion,
Yet He created separate nations and tribes,
Get to know one another and love one another…


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