Black Lives and America’s White Lie

Let loved ones shine,
Let loved ones climb,

Enemies in sight,
Enemies trying to fight,

About to strike,
Use your mind,

Don’t follow World Star Hip Hop,

Don’t let immorality affect morality,
Don’t let immortality turn into fatality…

Out of frustration,
Falling into desperation,
Barely using concentration,
Got into a whack altercation,

Pulling out pistols,
Driving rentals,
Barely graduated,
GED falsified…

You’re a whack MC,
Jackson’s ABC’s,
Questioning this MC,

What is the square root of E?
What Equals MC squared?

How did KRS-1 become every MC’s dream?

(presumably in deep thought)

Every three seconds a child in Chi-Raq,
Pays the price lying dead,
Every three seconds a child in the desert,
Dies from cowards dropping bombs,

Islanders and Africans,
Government allegedly crying freedom,

Is that why the NYPD, FBI,
Oakland PD and LAPD,
South Side to West Side,
Cali to New York,
Causing the holding of prison bars?

Slinging rock and writing bars,
Fathers behind bars,
Law enforcement planting evidence…

Half past seven,
When the street lights start blinking,
Statistics flying high,
White middle class forging lies,

Planting spies,
History repeating…

Instead of slave ships,
Waving of white flags,
Confederate flag online,
Rednecks promoting,
KKK receiving donations,

Black president elected,
Israel invited,
Civil Rights deflected,
Communities infected…

This revolution,

Neither televised or fantasized
Neither radicalized or realized,


I pledge allegiance,

Never to falsify…
Nor apologize…


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