History Books & Lies

If I am held at gun-point,
I won’t be a prisoner nor will I be your hostage,
Failure to understand my meaning,
I won’t be in chains nor surrounded by men,
By the fact a man stays a lion,
If not for his sanity twisted,

No difference between…

Government staging a hijacking,
European shooting up a University,
White man shooting up a theater,

My promise,

When you speak, I defend truth,
When you blemish honesty, I unveil misery,

I won’t hold back,
I defy gravity,
I discover hypocrisy,

If you place one hand on any woman, elderly or young,

If I hear a young child cry,
If I see a young boy shed one tear,
If I console one little girl,

It will be better for you to end your life with a bullet from the chamber,
Whether or not the police arrive is not priority,

Concern should be if your vision witnesses my integrity and morality,
Catching a child’s tear and promising everything will be alright,

If an elderly is not treated like your elder,
If an innocent stranger is treated as if he was in Iraq or Afghanistan,
If priests, monks, or non Zionist Jews are treated with hostility,

I promise,

My children,
My wife,

If one hair on their head is touched you will wish you were dead not tortured…

It is not the fact that I love orphans, elderly, or innocent lives,
Question what have you ignored?
Have you purposely twisted beliefs and stamped God’s approval?

Truth is the majority of terrorism and murder accomplished by non-Muslims,

1882, Tsar Alexander II assassinated,
21 innocent men and women killed in a bomb blast,
Killed by a non-Muslim named Gnacy Hryniewhcki,

1886, a bomb blast in Haymarket Square, Chicago,
12 people killed from the blast and 8 policeman died at the hospital,
8 anarchist, none of them Muslim,

1920, a bomb blast in Los Angeles Times Newspaper building,
21 innocent people killed,
Who planted the bomb? Muslim or non-Muslim?
2 Christians, James and Joseph,

From 1941 to 1948, after World War II,
25 terrorist attacks were conducted by Irgun, Haganag, and others,
All of them Jews,

1995, Federal building bombing in Oklahoma City,
166 people died and 100 injured,
Who was responsible?
2 Christians, Timothy and Terry,

1995, Aum Shinrikyo, a Buddhist cult member,
Nerve Gas in the Tokyo subway,
Killing 12 people and injuring 5000,

Heard of the IRA?
Irish Republican Army?
They are Catholics but are not called Catholic Terrorists,

1996, IRA detonated several bombs in London,
Manchester shopping center,
Killing 2 people and injuring 300,

1998, IRA did the same but at a different location,
Killing 30 and injuring 400,

How does all this connect? What does it have to do with me?
What does it have to do with my wife and future children?
How about my Muslim brothers and sisters overseas?


Muslims cannot be blamed nor have our names said in the same sentence as terrorism,

Are the NYPD or LAPD thrown in the same sentence as terrorism?
They kill, arrest, and falsify,
More evidence against Black men than innocent people killed by Muslims,

The media portrays what they want to portray,
The world believes what they want to believe,

All I can do is protect my loved ones,
Understand what this means,

If someone, no matter if you are Muslim or a disbeliever,
If you place your hand on my wife,

Treat any woman disrespectfully,
In my eyes you are a terrorist,

Don’t matter if you are police, a stranger, or my brother…

If my wife’s hair falls due to harshness,
If my wife’s eyes become watery because of rough words,
If my wife’s hands start to shake after you pull out a weapon,
If my wife’s heart skips a beat due to your demeanor,

I will bury you 7 feet underground,

If you push me, I push back,
If you trespass on my land, I will escort you out,
If you spill innocent blood, I will hold you accountable…


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