Reasons Why She Was The One (What Men Are Afraid To Share)

When did I discover you? When did I fall in love with you?
Was it when I witnessed your beautiful misplaced tooth?
Was when I noticed the size of your head in comparison to the rest of your body?

No, no, no,
It was the first laugh I heard and after you sneezed,

Who knows what I am talking about?
Do you? Maybe he does? Or does she?

Maybe it was when you got pizza sauce on your nose,
It could have been when you had leftover Ice cream on your top lip,
In case of curiosity, physical attributes are the last thing I noticed,

The smell that covered your pillow,
Everybody knows the weather and the land are together,
Same with the moon, the stars, the sun, and the canvas called the sky,

Without hesitation, I grabbed hold of what God placed in front of me,
I wished to belong to you as you belong to me,
Not ownership but dedication to one another despite cultural differences,

Not much difference separates us,
Indonesian nice, Minnesotan nice,
Taking shoes off at the door before stepping inside someone’s home,

Be my guest, don’t hesitant to guess,
All those lies will not cause a rift in our destiny,
It was fate we connected, just as every soul tastes death,

Would it be love if we were not tested?
Shall we call love true love if it was not meant to be stretched?

If you remember as I do, we had sketched our names in the sand,
Knowing the ocean waves will erase,
They will also remember our presence,

If choose one reason why I married you,
Someone might ask why we choose this path, destined for greatness,
Building our home in Paradise together, both of our hands sweating,

It was when I set my eyes upon yours, do you remember our wedding?
Dressed in all white, you were surrounded by your mother and cousins,
You cleaned up your cheeks and sprayed feminine perfume,

It wasn’t until you shed your wedding dress and washed your face,
The moment of truth, witnessing fine lines, beautifully hand crafted creation,
Truly the rib meant not to be straightened,

If nothing else makes you smile,
Not tears of a broken heart but dua when it rains,

Without worry, you don’t have to seek advice from others,
You are worth the miles and months of separation…


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