Ignoring The Injured Yet Feeding The Drunkard

I don’t mean to bother you but “could I borrow some of your time”,
If you hadn’t noticed I was trying to give you some loving,
It may not be what you are accustomed to but let me try to prove it to you,

All the world sees is what red, white, and blue wants us to see,
If the waiter brings crepes, we are afraid of rejection,
I’m not saying crepes are not delicious,

Pardon me for speaking but I prefer dark skin beauties,
United Nations acts like the biggest humanitarian when hunger and violence strikes Europeans,
When death tolls rise in Africa, the Middle East, or genocide of the Burmese,
They develop blindness within a second of being paid under the table,

At the same time, beauty deceives the world,
Have you ever watched a Bollywood production or a Taylor Swift music video,
All you see are light-skinned models,
Nigerian rappers can’t escape,

Why is it that if I ask to borrow some of your time it means I want a fling?
I am not into strings, rarely would I be caught in such circumstance,
Can’t say the same with Clinton, at least he walked away with dignity,

How can Muslims walk away from eating pork off a disbeliever’s table?
Balancing the lives of disbelievers over the lives of the Ummah,
Ignoring a Muslim orphan while giving change to a homeless kafir,

I won’t let seduction trap me within an insane mind,
I was sane all my life,,

Queens trying to seduce me,
My wife showed up with an AK-47,
It wasn’t a James Bond film,

1, 2, 3,
My wife asked me to recite Surah Maryam,
Her favorite chapter…


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