Trusting For The Sake of Allah (s.w.t) No Matter How Many Punches In The Head We Receive For Wearing Niqab

Today lack of love, or rather, lack of appreciation,
All causing a lack of definition, so what is the word that we must define,
Honestly it is not a word, or words,
It is a discourse meant to be served as the main course,

If it was not for the love between my wife and I,
If it was not for the need of appreciation to my Lord,
To my Rub, to Allah (s.w.t), I would be like the slim minority,
Easily hand-picked and thrown in with the rest,

I won’t let a name-tag decide my future…

Let me paint not a pretty picture,
Only a realistic view of this world,

Indeed, I am Muslim,
Indeed, I hold an American passport,
Indeed, my skin is a light complexion,
Indeed, my people are not who you think,

If you try to guess who I am, or who I am with,
Or where my heart is, you will fail,
Just as Pharaoh failed at catching Musa (pbuh),

I am not a stranger to such ridicule,
If it was not for Bilal’s (ra) suffering,
I would not understand the true meaning of Allah (s.w.t) is One,
Nor would I appreciate the amount of blood, sweat, and tears my wife suffers from,

It is from this that such definitions of terrorism collide,
Provided that we learn from Fatima (ra) and Ali (ra) asking for a servant,
Denied by her own father,
Such Good deeds meant to be yours,

So how do labels of terrorism include acts of love?
It is the same act of love when a husband and wife are separated for Allah’s (s.w.t) sake,
When a soldier of Allah (s.w.t) sets out on his journey (defending his wife, family, land, and Islam),
When scholars are ordered to stay put for the knowledge of this Deen must be kept safe,

Have you ever watched a husband and wife who are ordered by Allah (s.w.t) to trust Him?
As painstaking as it is, the wife’s eyes take a photograph of her husband,
Her hands and lips holding onto the last time they touched,
The last time ears vibrated from each other’s words,

It is this Jihad that entails more pain than a soldier in Syria,
For the wife’s heart pumps blood by the will of Allah (s.w.t),
Yet Allah (s.w.t) connected her emotions to her husband’s strength,
If the husband falls so do her emotions (become erratic),

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Khadija (ra),
She held her husband’s head,
Both of them strong, confident, and sincere,
Not afraid of the journey ahead,
No matter the persecution, stoning, or physical and mental anguish,
They trusted Allah (s.w.t)…

Speak of confidence yet privacy,
At times speak honestly,
As my wife let go of my hand,
My mind sketched a picture that it was make-believe,
When she kissed me the last time,
My lips laughed,
They thought it was only a fool’s thinking,
When she passed the security and arrived on the other side,
In all directions did my heart drop from its place of residence,

My knees shaking,
My hands bleeding,
My eyes crying,

I had to remember the times when Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) went out for battle,
Ali (ra), Hamza (ra), Khalid bin Walid (ra), and others followed suit…

Allah (s.w.t) tests whom He wills,
All things created from His hands,
In turn all creations return to His hands,

I know in my soul, in my heart, that I should, can, and will rely on Allah (s.w.t) alone,
I do the same as the world crumbles and fumbles with Oxford dictionary,
I confide in this pen as I had confided in Allah (s.w.t) who gave me permission to paint,

In my heart I understand, without trial we will never enter Paradise,
Trials without boundaries nor limits,
Her beauty unlimited, intellect defies gravity,
Warmth and patience defines my spiritual needs the first time we met,

My question cannot be answered with an easy response,
Labels and definitions placed such circumstances and people,
I hear of terrorism and terrorists,
Myself a Muslim yet not a terrorist,

Instead, I am a Muslim who suffers from terrorizing,
The use of violence and intimidation for political gains,
Law enforcement and policies fit more than those who submit peaceful,

On trains, in subways, walking down sidewalks,
Abused physically and mentally,
Words, food, and drink,
Many times punched in the face,
Sucker punched,
Feet kicked from under legs,

Why? just for the fact that we wear Hijab or Niqab,
Thobe or have a long beard,
Ignorant people confusing a Sikh and Muslim,
It doesn’t matter, to them we are all the same…

As each Muslim feels pain,
Even if the slightest injury happens,
The whole body feels agony,
When Husbands and Wives are separated,
When Orphans become beggars,
When wives become widows,
The heart loses sleep,

If the connection between labels and love have not been understood,
Let us try one more time,
Love erases labels,
Hatred creates labels,
When a Husband and Wife are together love is strong,
When they become arm-lengths apart,
Love grows exponentially,

It is this fantasy poets, activists, and painters hold dear,
As Christian Europeans murdered millions,
American Presidents commit Genocide,
Love cures hearts while labels expound disease into epidemics…


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