Why Africans and any other Immigrants Achieve More Than White Students

I was told I didn’t set high enough goals, expectations, or have big enough dreams…

Every teacher I had tried to wash my hands, rarely did they let me use my own brain,

Often telling me what I have to be instead of listening to what I wanted to be,

Similar to White teachers cutting edges, causing Africans and other immigrants to pass on education and chase empty hoop dreams,

Not realizing less than .01 percent of anybody make the cut,

Nor ever realizing African immigrants achieve more than Whites through education or wisdom,

It is when our toes touch cold pavement that we learn how to fly,


I don’t hate you, I just hate teachers afraid to tell students to follow their heart,

Who understands when a student has a mind like Garvey?

Genius Somali told study something easier, the new Malcolm X become a carpenter routine,

Teachers lies caught my eye lash, when I witnessed a Tupac and Biggie poster shape-shifting into a Fredrick Douglas descendent,

Who says the next Mandela can’t come from a Che, or that a Castro can’t be birthed from Rosa?

Condemn me but palm trees grow from these bloody palms.

School children are spawns of kings and queens, Desmond Tutu’s, Shaka Zulu’s,

Not Jim Crow but the other grandfather Crows of the Apaches, Crazy Horses…

Please understand…

This isn’t fiction, nor a play on words, I don’t need a margarita even if I am in Margaritaville.

I fell in love with a Brazilian golden child, the Dalai Lama asked for my recommendation,

Texas is trying to erase slavery from textbooks, whites want to speak in plurals, yet singular scars from your uncle’s hands caused singular wounds,

Students may be easy to seduce but when they crystallize, perform metamorphosis for the world to witness,

Someday you will learn you didn’t create empty craniums, instead you carved your own caskets,

The carpenter you wished for became a soldier and saved a bullet for you,

It was the doctor Who diagnosed your cancer,

This world is afraid of losing face…

Ego, money, and its place,

In case you speak of denial, understand…

White women get paid 77 cents to a less than 50 cents belonging to African and Minority women,

White students get more Aid than Black students,

Minority student organizations get less funding,

Black candidates extremely left or right wing and sellouts to the projects,

Just remember…

You can’t improve the hood if you run away but if you stay put, maybe freedom will lay down where oppressors originally sat…


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